We Want to Hear From You!

It’s that time of year again! According to Katie, it’s both peach and pumpkin season, but the rest of us say it’s Participatory Policy Setting time! As a coalition, your input in the policies we are working on every year is really important to us. Are you really excited about a potential policy? Tell us about it!

We have a form for you to use–we know it looks long, but we aren’t looking for essays. We just want to know what you think we should work on, why, and what resources you think are available. It’s okay if you say “This issue is really important to me, here’s a data point, and I don’t know what resources will be available.”

Once you send these in, we’ll talk about them at our committee meetings, and then in December, we’ll vote on them at our annual meeting. That gives us time to organize and plan for a productive session at the NCGA.

So, this was a long way of saying, send in your thoughts. Your opinion on what we should be working on is what makes us us and we really want to know.