Write a Letter to the Editor

Write letter to the editor about one of our policy priorities to help get the word out.

Step 1

Write your letter – Here you can find sample LTEs that have already been published. Feel free to use information from NCAH’s resolutionsother resources, and policy priorities as well. Most papers have a maximum word limit of 200 words, so keep that in mind.

Step 2

Find your local paper – We need letters in papers across the state! Check out a print copy of your local paper or look online for instructions on how to submit letters to the editorial board.

Step 3

Submit your letter – Proofread first to make sure that everything is clear and correct. Double check your facts. Submit your letter online so it arrives quickly and be sure to include your contact information. The first time you submit a letter you may be contacted by a staff member to verify this information.

Step 4

Your letter is published! – Congrats! Remember, newspapers cannot always submit every letter they receive so don’t be discouraged if it takes some time to be published. Once your letter is printed please email us. We want to promote your letter on our listserv and social media!

Questions? Concerns? Ideas? Want to know how else to get involved? Email us.

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