Support Unserved Prepared Food Recovery!

The North Carolina Alliance for Health and the network of food councils across North Carolina has been collaborating on a policy issue related to food recovery. There is more information here, but the basic challenge is that confusion over state regulations is leading to perfectly good food ending up in the landfill instead of feeding people experiencing food insecurity. Can you please help out today? 

The ask is simple: contact your legislators and ask them to provide a one-time appropriation of $50,000 to support unserved prepared food recovery.

To send your legislators an email and/or Tweet, click below!

Take Action!

If you prefer to call and deliver this quick message, you can find your legislators’ contact information here.

“Hello, my name is ___________ and I am a constituent of (Senator or Representative) X. I am calling because equitable food access is a significant challenge in our district. We need standardized resources, information, and model language so that we can use all of our available leftover prepared food that is currently going to waste. I am calling to ask (Senator or Representative) X’s to support a one-time appropriation for $50,000 to NCSU’s Safe Plates Program to develop standard operating procedures, resources, and trainings for restaurants, health departments, and community partners to engage in standardized prepared food recovery activities. We have seen an increase in food insecurity during the pandemic and these funds will support increased food access. House Bill 702 has been filed on behalf of these efforts with bipartisan sponsorship. Thank you.”