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Say “thank you” with us!

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We are more grateful than ever for the members and partners that are part of our coalition. We’re especially grateful for the food banks who are doing unprecedented work, the healthcare systems that are facing unimaginable challenges, and the school systems who are feeding so many of our children.

Will you join us to say “thank you”?         

Social media messages
You can find a list of Twitter handles for some of the organizations you may want to say thank you to here.

Here are some ideas of messages you may want to use:

Twitter (tag your partners!):
1. We appreciate you!
2. You make all the difference!
3. Thanks for all you’re doing!

1. Thank you for your tireless commitment to our communities. During these uncertain times, you have given us the gifts of provision and support which are so desperately needed. We appreciate you!
2. Though we may not be able to extend a handshake or hug, we want to spread appreciation for those who are on the front lines keeping us fed and healthy. Thank you!
3. We appreciate the patience, professionalism, kindness and sacrifice you demonstrate while caring for our communities. For everything you are to us, we see you, and we thank you.

NC Alliance for HealthSay “thank you” with us!