Our Priorities

NCAH engages in participatory policy setting to develop the policy agenda each year. NCAH collects policy recommendations from residents across the state and presents them to partners for discussion. Everyone is welcome to submit policy recommendations and participate in the discussion and approval of policy priorities.

Our partners have selected commercial tobacco use prevention and cessation, healthy food access, active living, and cross-cutting priorities as the primary areas of focus for NCAH.

2024 Goals

  • Promote policies that increase access to healthy food in schools and childcare centers, such as school meals for all and farm-to-school policies
  • Promote technical corrections to the 2023 state budget
  • Support implementation of federal menthol regulations
  • Support bicycle and pedestrian coalitions to promote access to routine physical activity
  • Support partners to implement equitable health policies at the local level
  • Monitor implementation of Medicaid expansion and other policies that impact the health of North Carolinians
  • Grow our coalitions and connect with new partners across the state

Promote – Lead efforts and actively advocate for

Support – Support efforts led by members and partners

Monitor – Track and react to as necessary

  • NCAH may also support other mission-related policies as they arise.

Bill Tracker

NCAH tracks many bills throughout the legislative session. Tracking a bill does not indicate NCAH’s support or opposition.