The North Carolina Alliance for Health believes that all people should have the opportunity to access healthy, affordable food, whether it is in schools, workplaces, or communities. We support and monitor policies that help improve all North Carolinians’ access to healthy foods.


NCAH supports the implementation of policies that require all foods and beverages available in schools meet national nutrition guidelines and be fully-funded. NCAH also supports policies identified to reduce exposure to marketing and advertising of unhealthy foods in schools and policies that expand farm-to-school and farm-to-childcare programs.


NCAH supports the implementation of evidence-based guidelines for healthy eating options for the Legislative Building cafeteria and/or snack bar. We also support the adoption and implementation of evidence-based procurement standards for food sold or offered in state government venues.


NCAH works to ensure that all North Carolinians can access healthy foods in their communities through statewide policies and appropriations for healthy food financing and corner store initiatives that improve access to healthy foods (including fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins). We also monitor and support other evidence-based initiatives that increase healthy food access and consumption in communities.