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NCAH Legislative Update – June 2, 2016

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Legislative Update
June 2, 2016

NC Senate Releases Budget – Does Not Include Funding for the Healthy Corner Store Initiative; Reduces Funding for You Quit, Two Quit

At 11:57pm on May 31, the North Carolina Senate released their version of the budget. The Senate budget does not include funding for the Healthy Corner Store Initiative. Additionally, the budget decreases funding for You Quit, Two Quit to $200,000. The Senate is expected to vote on the budget Thursday, June 2 and Friday, June 3. If the House votes not to concur, a Conference Committee will be appointed to debate any differences between the House and Senate budgets.

Because of the hard work of our members and partners, we feel our issues are well-positioned going into Conference. Thank you for your help and support!

Stay tuned for further updates as the budget moves to Conference Committee, and action alerts for how you can help!

The Healthy Corner Store Initiative
The House budget includes $300,000 for the creation of the Healthy Corner Store Initiativein North Carolina. The Senate removed this funding from their version of the budget.

NCAH is working closely with champions in the House and Senate and is committed to ensuring that the Healthy Corner Store Initiative is fully funded in this year’s final budget.

Recent media on the Healthy Corner Store Initiative:

You Quit, Two Quit
The House budget also included $250,000 for You Quit, Two Quit to help women who are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant quit smoking. The Senate budget reduced this funding to $200,000.

NCAH supports the efforts of the Child Fatality Task Force in advocating for funding for this important program. For more facts about You Quit, Two Quit, click here.

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