Working together to create a healthier tomorrow for all North Carolinians

The strength of our coalition lies in the diversity and breadth of our partners. We invite you to become a member of the North Carolina Alliance for Health. Membership is open to both individuals and organizations. We ask for a moderate membership contribution. These dues will enable NCAH to strengthen our policy efforts in reducing the impact of obesity and tobacco in North Carolina. Click here to become a member today!

Members are asked to make a serious commitment to NCAH by actively participating in the following ways:

  • To the extent possible, the provision of in-kind services.
  • Attendance at NCAH committee meetings.
  • Active participation in at least one NCAH committee. Committees will provide the primary opportunities to contribute to the development of policy positions and strategies as well as organizational structure and process. NCAH members are encouraged to participate in as many committees as they have time and resources to devote, though members are expected to participate in at least one policy committee, as the coalition’s focus is on policy advocacy.
  • When relevant, support and promote NCAH’s policy priorities and/or policy positions, including promotion through your network, such as via e-mail listservs, newsletters, etc.
  • Permission to use your name on all NCAH documents and in connection with actions/policies approved by members. Members who would not like their name printed on NCAH documents may submit a written request to the NCAH Executive Director or Grassroots Coordinator.
  • Adherence to NCAH’s operating guidelines that include the following:
    • We will strive to make our decisions by consensus.
    • If consensus cannot be achieved, decisions will be made by a majority vote of eligible NCAH members present and voting. Eligible NCAH members are those in good standing, who have submitted a membership survey and paid dues.
    • Each eligible NCAH member, whether an individual or organization, in attendance at meetings will have a right to share views and vote.
    • All persons in attendance may choose to abstain from voting when appropriate.

Download the 2020 Membership Agreement

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