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Looking forward to 2019

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Looking forward to next year, we’ve developed a robust set of policy priorities for 2019! Our members will vote on our policy priorities at our upcoming meeting, but they have been proposed by our committees as follows:

  • We will promote the elimination of food deserts in North Carolina through statewide, evidence-based and/or evidence-informed policies and appropriations for healthy food financing, corner store initiatives, and other policies that improve access to healthy foods (including fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins), including food and nutrition services and nutrition education.
  • We will promote the inclusion of PE in the state’s accountability system as a measure of school success and/or in the School Report Card. We will promote policies that address standards-based curriculum, appropriate professional development for teachers, teacher certification/licensing, waivers/substitution, student assessment, and accountability. We will support opportunities to engage in promoting physical activity.
  • We will promote tobacco use prevention and cessation in North Carolina through statewide, evidence-based and/or evidence-informed policies and appropriations for tobacco use prevention and cessation program.
  • We will promote evidence-based policies that protect public health by eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke and e-cigarette aerosol.
  • We will support the ability of local communities to promote access to routine physical activity and healthy eating through active transportation, complete streets, and Safe Routes to School policies,including multi-modal transportation infrastructure (e.g., mass transit,sidewalks, bike lanes), recreation opportunities (e.g., parks, trails, greenways, shared and open use policies), food venues (e.g., grocery stores,farmers’ markets, community gardens), and the integration of healthy land use(“sustainable communities”).
  • We will support improvements to statewide standards addressing evidence-based best practices in infant and child nutrition, outdoor learning and play, physical activity, breastfeeding, and screen time. We will support the creation of statewide designation or recognition to programs that meet best practices.
  • We will support an increase in North Carolina’s cigarette excise tax to at least the national average and support an excise tax increase on other tobacco (non-cigarette) products, including e-cigarettes, to a tax rate equivalent with that of cigarettes.

Only NCAH members can vote on our policy priorities and shape the direction of our organization, so don’t miss the opportunity! Our members and partners are vital parts of NCAH’s continued success and we look forward to welcoming new members and deepening our work and relationships with long-time members in 2019. Make sure you 
renew your membership for 2019 prior to the January 9 membership meeting! 

Make an end of year donation to help NCAH be prepared to continue this work in the new year!

NC Alliance for HealthLooking forward to 2019