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Legislative Update – House Appropriations Committee Expected to Consider HB 250

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House Appropriations Committee Expected to Consider HB 250 THIS Thursday!

Urge House Appropriations Committee Members to Support HB 250!

As we await the release of the Senate’s budget proposal this week, we were made aware late last week that the House Appropriations Committee is expected to consider HB 250 as early as Thursday morning (June 11). Official notice of the meeting has not yet been set by General Assembly staff. However, NCAH wanted to alert members and partners early in the week so that folks can be generating messages of support for HB 250 to all members of the House Appropriations Committee before early Thursday morning in case the hearing is held.

The House version of the budget (HB 97) includes a provision to fund the Healthy Corner Store Initiative with $1 million provided that the policy (HB 250) is subsequently approved by both the House and Senate and is signed into law by the Governor. In addition, the Senate needs to maintain the funding in their version of the budget. A hearing by the House Appropriations Committee is a step toward beginning the legislative process for HB 250.

Under the provisions of HB 250, local health departments would help connect store owners with local farmers/fishermen, as available, and provide education for both the store owners and customers regarding healthy foods/healthy eating. The program would also enable store owners to stock and sell nutrient-dense food, which would improve their bottom line and improve the health of our local communities. Specifically, funding would be available to provide equipment such as additional shelving and refrigeration so that store owners can sell fresh fruits and vegetables. This helps small business owners make more money and provide healthier options to their customers.

Urge House Appropriations Committee members to Approve HB 250 to create an NC Healthy Corner Store Initiative!

Make your contacts before Thursday, 8:30 am!

Click HERE for a full list of House Appropriations Committee members and their contact information.Click HERE for a description of HB 250 and HERE for HB 250 talking points.


rob@idriveroi.comLegislative Update – House Appropriations Committee Expected to Consider HB 250