Legislative Update, 07/09/2020

Legislators Leave Raleigh

The NC General Assembly adjourned on Wednesday, July 8, to reconvene in early September. Here’s a recap of what legislators did (and didn’t do) while they were in Raleigh:

  • Passed HB 1023, Coronavirus Relief Fund/Additions & Revisions, which includes funding to eliminate the reduced-price lunch copay. This means that any student who qualifies for a reduced-price lunch will receive free lunch! H1023 also includes additional funding for School Nutrition Programs to allow yellow buses to deliver meals and for personal protective equipment, innovative meal programs, and other costs associated with feeding students during this time.
  • Did not pass H451, Temp. ABAWD Time Waivers, which would have given DHHS the ability to apply for a waiver to the work requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents who receive SNAP.
  • Passed S808, Medicaid Funding Act, which provides funding to DHHS for Medicaid transformation.
  • Maintained current levels of funding for tobacco cessation programs and services.
  • Did not override Governor Cooper’s veto of H918, Expedite Permanency/DHHS Report SNAP/TANF, which, among other things, increased the administrative burden around SNAP and TANF.
  • Eliminated funding for the Rural Operating Assistance Program (ROAP), which is critical to ensuring that older adults and people with disabilities have transportation to access necessary medical services, meals, employment, and other essential resources.

When legislators return in September they will only address COVID-19 and CARES Act appropriations, per the adjournment resolution.