Election 2022: Candidate Questions

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022!

Have Your Voice Heard!

Voter Information

Voters will be able to vote in the 2022 election by absentee by-mail, in-person early voting, and Election Day voting. You can check your voter registration and sample ballot at https://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegLkup/.

Questions for Candidates

As you encounter candidates on the campaign trail and at candidate forums, consider asking their opinion on these important health policy topics.

Health Equity

  • What does health equity mean to you?
  •  What policies do you support to advance health equity?
  • What is a workable solutions for achieving health equity in North Carolina?

Access to Healthy Food

  • Do you support a statewide school meals for all policy to serve breakfast and lunch to every student in every public school at no cost to the student?
  • What policies do you support to increase access to healthy food?

Active Living

  • What policies do you support to ensure that our children are getting enough physical activity?
  • How would you support active modes of transportation, including bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure?
  • What do you think is a workable solution to address the lack of safe spaces to be active in communities across North Carolina?

Commercial Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation

  • What policies do you recommend to address the rising use of e-cigarettes among young people?
  • What recommendations do you have to increase access to cessation services?
  • What do you think is a workable solutions to decrease the state’s high rates of commercial tobacco use?