Ask Your Representative to Include Funding for Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation in the House Budget

The House is writing its budget and there is a lot at stake. Since 2011, e-cigarette use among high school students has increased 1129%. And, while most tobacco users want to quit, QuitlineNC needs more funding to provide full, evidence-based cessation services. 

Please ask your representative to include funding for tobacco use prevention and cessation programs in the House budget.

Since 2012, NC has lacked funding for evidence-based tobacco use prevention and cessation programs. That is despite the fact that the state receives approximately $140 million every year as a result of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement every year. This funding will come into the state in perpetuity, meaning it is a recurring source of revenue. And, it was originally intended to help states reduce medical costs associated with tobacco use.

So, help us ask legislators to use these funds as intended and provide a recurring appropriation for tobacco use prevention and cessation programs.

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