Understanding that change is most effective when we work together, our founders—a small group of like-minded organizations and individuals with public health backgrounds—originally formed NCAH to improve North Carolina’s health and educate North Carolinians about the dangers of tobacco use. Since 2002, the coalition has grown from just a few organizations and individuals to more than 60 organizational members and partners and numerous individuals from diverse communities across the state, and has expanded its mission to include obesity prevention.

Since NCAH was formed more than a decade ago we have made substantial progress toward achieving our goals of reducing the ill effects of tobacco and the burden of obesity in North Carolina. Some of our most notable successes include the creation of the Healthy Food Small Retailer Program in 2016 and the passage of the smoke-free bars and restaurants law in 2009, which became effective on January 2, 2010.

We encourage you to become a member and join us in our efforts to reduce obesity and tobacco use in North Carolina. Individuals and organizations can be a part of NCAH’s history by advocating for evidence-based obesity and tobacco use prevention interventions to promote health and wellness within our great state.

For more information please contact Executive Director Morgan Wittman Gramann.