About Us

The North Carolina Alliance for Health (NCAH) is an independent, statewide, nonpartisan coalition of individuals and organizations. We convene, mobilize, support, and empower partners to advance equitable policies that reduce health disparities, prevent chronic disease, and promote health.

NCAH’s staff and board keep NCAH running day-to-day, while NCAH’s members set the policy agenda and guide NCAH’s campaigns. NCAH also works with many local, state, and national partners, who provide expertise and input on NCAH’s priorities.

Our Impact

NCAH has policy committees addressing each of NCAH’s three priority areas: tobacco use prevention and cessation, healthy food access, and active living. Each policy committee meets on a regular basis to develop and implement the strategies for advancing NCAH’s policy priorities. These committees have successfully advocated for many policies that reduce health disparities and prevent chronic disease.

Our History

Since 2002, we have made great strides toward our vision. We now have full-time staff members, a committed coalition of members and partners, and a portfolio of policy successes in each of our priority areas.

Staff and Board

NCAH has full-time, dedicated staff members who keep NCAH’s work moving forward. NCAH staff track relevant policies and practices to create synergies, disseminate information, and inform policy recommendations. NCAH’s board members are experts in tobacco use prevention and cessation, healthy food access, active living, health equity, and policy change.

Our Members

NCAH is, first and foremost, a coalition of individuals and organizations committed to our mission. Our organizational members are local, state, and national organizations that believe in advancing equitable health policies. Our individual members are engaged citizens with a passion for health and policy change. Join us.

The strength of our coalition lies in the diversity and breadth of our partners.
We invite you to become a member of the North Carolina Alliance for Health and join us in advancing equitable policies.

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