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A look back at 2018: Tobacco

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In 2018, NCAH:

  • Secured $250,000 for youth tobacco use prevention programs, in addition to $1 million in nonrecurring funds appropriated over the biennium in last year’s budget. This funding ensures there is a youth tobacco use prevention coordinator in each health director region and funds youth teens to lead youth-to-youth tobacco use prevention trainings.
  • Secured $250,000 in recurring funds for North Carolina’s cessation services in addition to the $500,000 in recurring funds appropriated in last year’s budget. This funding ensures those who want to quit smoking have access to resources to help them do so, and funds QuitlineNC and You Quit, Two Quit.
  • Secured $300,000 in recurring funds for the Alcohol Law Enforcement Branch (ALE) to enforce the youth access to tobacco law as well as language giving ALE the authority to do so. This funding allows ALE to conduct compliance checks, ensuring tobacco retailers are not selling to people under the age of 18.

Your membership and partnership helped achieve these goals—but there’s still work to do! E-cigarette use has increased astronomically in the last several years, and we plan to continue to work on reducing and eliminating tobacco use for a healthier North Carolina.

Make an end of year donation to help NCAH be prepared to continue this work in the new year, and renew your membership for 2019!

NC Alliance for HealthA look back at 2018: Tobacco