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A look back at 2018: Food Access

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In 2018, NCAH:

  • Secured another $250,000 for the Healthy Food Small Retail Program (HFSRP). This brings total appropriations to $750,000 since 2016. The HFSRP is housed in the Department of Agriculture and provides store owners in food deserts with refrigeration and shelving so they can stock and sell fresh, health options.
  • Convened the NC Healthy Food Retail Task Force to develop policy recommendations to address lack of access to healthy food in North Carolina.

In spite of all of these successes, NC remains a state with high rates of hunger and food insecurity. The NC Healthy Food Retail Task Force is in the final stages of finalizing recommendations, which it will present to the NC General Assembly in early 2019. We will continue to work on making North Carolina a healthier and hunger-free state in 2018, and your membership and your voice makes a difference in supporting evidence-based policies that ensure every North Carolinian has enough healthy food.

Make an end of year donation to help NCAH be prepared to continue this work in the new year, and renew your membership for 2019!

NC Alliance for HealthA look back at 2018: Food Access