5 Things You Need to Know About NCAH Membership

  1. There is no hazing, no rituals to learn, no creeds to recite, and no demonstrations of loyalty required. We aren’t that kind of group. We are open to everyone who cares about the health of North Carolinians. You don’t even have to live in Durham! Our members, staff, and board are from all over the state. Technology is amazing and allows everyone to participate. 
  2. Membership is sort of a big deal.  It’s a big deal because when someone joins as a member, they are saying “hey, we see what you’re doing, we like it, and we want to support this important work.” 
  3. Membership costs less than making a trip to the General Assembly to educate legislators on your priorities and advocate for them. We did the math! Let’s say you have to travel a minimum of 20 miles each way. That’s basically $22 in mileage. Then there’s parking at approximately $10. Now, in case you didn’t know, there’s a lot of time spent waiting around for legislators to welcome you into their office for a chat so let’s just guesstimate that you’ll spend 4 hours there. We don’t know how much your salary is but for the sake of argument, let’s just use $15 an hour as a starting point. If you have to drive, park, wait, meet, wait again, meet, wait some more, meet again, then you’re probably using about 6 hours of your day total. 6 hours multiplied by $15 an hour is $90. You probably need lunch so let’s throw in an extra $10 for that. What are we up to now? $132. For one day of educating and advocacy work. For less than that, you can get an individual membership and enjoy the fact that NCAH does really good work at the General Assembly. It saves you time and money! 
  4. Members get a lot. They get to vote on our priorities. Everyone can suggest priorities but only members get to vote on what they will ultimately be. Members also get access to weekly legislative updates, members only trainings, bill tracker, specialized webinars, podcasts, and NCAH’s network to share job postings, events, and resources. 
  5. Membership dues help us do the work. Without membership dues, we simply won’t be able to continue to grow and continue to make positive changes. There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes at NCAH and we’re not just talking about writing witty blogs. 

Bonus: It’s easy to join as a member! Click here to join. You’ll be glad you did!