5 Easy Ways You Can Be An Advocate

  1. Do some research. Honestly. It never hurts to know more about issues that matter to you. Key facts and data on issues are constantly changing but we’ve made it easy to keep up! Our resources page is a great place to start. We’ve got most of what you need to keep you up to date and in the know. If you have a great resource we need to add, let us know. 
  2. Like and comment on NCAH social media posts. Seriously. We’re over here posting all day every day about the priorities we care about on Facebook and Twitter.  We need likes and comments so that decision makers know we aren’t the only ones who care. It’s seriously the easiest and fastest way to say you support a priority. Plus, there’s some sort of crazy algorithm that no one actually understands but when people like our Facebook posts or Tweets, it actually makes those posts visible to even more people. And don’t just stop at NCAH! There are many organizations who are doing a great job on social media and they need your likes, too! 
  3. Talk to people. Talk to your significant other, your family members, your friends, your neighbors, and even yourself if you need to. If you care about an issue, make sure people know. Don’t forget to include some of the facts you learned from your research! No one will listen if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Plus, talking to people you already know is like practicing to talk to an elected official. 
  4. Take advantage of our action alert system. I can’t even begin to tell you how easy this is. You don’t have to even know who your state elected officials are, much less their contact info. You just have to put in your address and BOOM up pops your state representative and senator. Then we have already crafted the perfect letter to let them know what exactly it is you want them to support. You can add a quick personal note and then hit send.