20 for 20

This year, NCAH is turning 20 and we hope to do very BIG things this year. We hope that you will help celebrate our 20th birthday by becoming a monthly sustaining donor. A $20 monthly recurring donation is less than $0.67 a day. What might seem like pocket change to some, adds up to help make a big impact.

$20 a month helps shape policies that reduce health disparities, prevent chronic disease, and promote health. Our advocacy team is working inside the NC General Assembly to secure the resources, policies, and support that help ensure all North Carolinians are able to live their healthiest lives. 

$20 a month helps us produce high-quality content to demonstrate the need and urgency across the state for strong health policies. We know that knowledge and information are crucial for our members, partners, the public, and lawmakers. Our team is working on publications, podcasts, videos, social media content, and resources that make a strong impact on health equity work in North Carolina. 

$20 a month allows us to amplify the voices of those affected by health policies. The communities most affected by health disparities are the true experts. For less than a dollar a day, you can help support the advocacy work that it takes to shape strong, equitable health policies in North Carolina. Help us celebrate our 20th birthday with a monthly sustaining gift of $20 today and join us in our work to ensure all North Carolinians can live their healthiest lives.

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