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Tobacco-Use Prevention

Long-Term Tobacco-Use Prevention Policy Priorities

  • Secure full CDC-recommended levels of funding for evidence-based tobacco prevention and cessation programs in North Carolina. Funding for these programs should come from the state’s annual share of Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) payments.

·   Short Term Goal: Secure $17.6 million for statewide tobacco use prevention and cessation programs.

  •  Protect public health by eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke:

·   Protect existing smoke-free law which made restaurants and bars smoke-free on January 2, 2010;

·   Expand existing smoke-free law by advocating for legislation to make all NC worksites and public places 100% smoke-free, in combination with;

·   Advocate for legislation that expands local control so local communities can pass ordinances to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke in worksites (in addition to public places granted in 2010).

  • Support an increase in North Carolina’s cigarette excise tax BY at least $1.00 and support an excise tax increase on other tobacco (non-cigarette) products to a tax rate equivalent with that of cigarettes;
  • Support reinstating North Carolina’s cigarette tax stamp to promote health, safety, crime prevention efforts and increased state revenue.

Click here to sign the Resolution in Support of an Increase in NC's Cigarette Tax by $1.00

Click here to sign the Resolution in Support of Making ALL Worksites and Public Places Smoke-Free.


Letter to Pitt County Board of Health in Support of Appeal
Summary of 2013 Tobacco Control Policy Priority Outcomes
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PDF Advocacy Guide and Workbook
NC Alliance for Health Preemption in Public Health Toolkit
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Check out
as a resource on HB 2 implementation.
This link contains downloadable items that should be helpful for you as a business owner or manager, or as a healthcare professional.
Educational materials for Smoke-Free Restaurants and Bars Law. 
Teen Smoking Rates Drop to Historic Low-  Spring 2012 


2010 Media

November 22, 2010 Alliance Executive Committee Member Peg O'Connell talks with NC Policywatch about Alliance Policy Priorities

May 17, 2010 NC Alliance for Health News Release in Response to Chaloupka Report

May 17, 2010  A Significant Cigarette Tax Rate Increase in North Carolina Would Produce a Large, Sustained Increase in State Tobacco Tax Revenues

May 17, 2010 The Charlotte Observer
S.C. right to raise tobacco tax by $.50- North Carolina dime hike last year was paltry in comparison

04.1.10- WRAL News
Smoking ban, other factors boost downtown business

2009 Media

Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights Winter 2009 Update

Read the Alliance press release on the J1 Committee vote

02.15.09 - Winston-Salem Journal
The time has come

February 2009 - Benefits from a $1.00 cigarette tax increase (post-SCHIP federal tax increase) in North Carolina

01.31.09 - Winston-Salem Journal
Public health must take precedence

January 2009 - Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids analyzes benefits from a $1.00 cigarette tax increase in North Carolina.

State Government Radio

Anne Thornhill, Vice Chair of the Alliance, discusses House Bill 2 (.mp3)

2008 Media

November 25, 2008
Anti-smoking group calls for $1 increase in cigarette tax

See the video of the news piece.  

May 21, 2008
Letter to the Editor (by Richard R. Rosen, MD)
Accomplish much by taxing cigarettes more
Greensboro News and Record

2007 Media

 PDF Alliance Press Release (3.21.07): Historic legislation to limit exposure to deadly secondhand smoke passes House Judiciary Committee.

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