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Excise Tax Resolution

Resolution in Support of an Increase in NC’s Cigarette Tax by at least $1.00

WHEREAS, the use of tobacco products is the leading cause of preventable death and disability in North Carolina1responsible for 12,500 deaths each year2; and


WHEREAS, nearly 8,300 NC children will become regular daily smokers this year3, and 180,000 NC youth ages 0-17 are projected to die from smoking4; and


WHEREAS, the best way to prevent and reduce tobacco use by children is to substantially increase the cost of cigarettes5; and


WHEREAS, a cigarette tax increase of $1.00 would result in a 15.5% decrease in youth smoking rates, prevent 62,700 NC children from becoming addicted adult smokers and save 39,100 young people from premature smoking-related deaths6; and


WHEREAS, NC’s cigarette tax is currently 45-cents, the 5th lowest in the nation, and the current average cigarette tax among all states is $1.54; and


WHEREAS, in contrast to NC’s low cigarette tax is the fact that for every pack sold in NC, it costs North Carolina taxpayers $7.17 per pack in health care costs to treat the serious chronic diseases brought on by cigarette smoking; and


WHEREAS, the use of tobacco products costs the State $3.81 billion in direct healthcare costs (with a considerable portion of those health care expenses covered by Medicaid); and


WHEREAS, North Carolina faces another significant budget deficit for the FY2015-16 budget; and


WHEREAS, these deficits risk cuts to important programs affecting the health and wellbeing of North Carolinians and more reductions may be threatened; and


WHEREAS, an increase in the cigarette tax of $1.00 would generate an estimated $351.48 million in new revenue in the first year, and an equivalent increase in taxes on other tobacco products would generate $52.2 million4.


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the cigarette tax in North Carolina be increased by at least $1.00 a pack.           

Click here to download the Excise Tax Resolution

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